Florida Inclusion Network (FIN) Newsletters


BIG Ideas for Parents--Building, Including, Growing - Edition 9

Topics:  Being an advocate for your child, podcast series for parents, Microsoft Office Lens, and joining the Best Practices for Inclusive Education (BPIE) Assessment conversation.

BIG Ideas for Parents--Building, Including, Growing - Edition 8

Topics:  What it means to be inclusive, Accommodations--What they are and how they work, What is a rigorous program for students, UF/IFAS Extension (classes for parents), and Best Practices for Inclusive Education (BPIE).

BIG Ideas for Parents--Building, Including, Growing - Edition 7 

Topics:  Back to School Tips, Best Practices for Inclusive Education (B.PIE) School Assessment, Supporting Play,        CPALMS.org (online help for parents), and Make Beliefs Comix (free website)

Supporting Parents Newsletter - Edition 6

Topics:  Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), communication tips, talking about grades and focusing on growth, Parent Survey, and engaging students in reading over breaks.

Supporting Parents Newsletter - Edition 5

Topics:  Why and how to partner with your child’s teacher, 10 places to find free books, FDLRS Parent Services, Exceptional Student Education 2021 Parent Survey, and University of Florida Literacy Institute parent resource hub.

Supporting Parents Newsletter - Edition 4

Topics:  Why Parent-Teacher Communication is more important than ever, Assistive technology, CEEDAR Center, Podcasts for Parents and Florida PBIS Videos.

Supporting Parents Newsletter - Edition 3

Topics: Back to Virtual School, Podcasts for Parents, Understood.org, and Microsoft Learning Tools for the Inclusive Classroom.

Supporting Parents Newsletter - Edition 2

Topics:  Podcast for Parents (Tapping Learners' Interests and Passions, Motivating Learners, Supporting Learners' Understanding  Similarities and Differences, The Role of Difficulty & Struggle in Learning, Continuing a Literacy Focus)

Supporting Parents Newsletter - Edition 1

Topics:  School Closing and Student Time Management, and Podcast for Parents (Introduction, Schoolwork vs. Learning Tasks, Time Management, Supporting Learning with Questions and Increasing Learner Independence & Creating Parent Personal Time)