Disability History & Awareness

The first two weeks of October are Disability History and Awareness Weeks! Did you know that one of every five Americans is a person with a disability?  A person may be born with a disability, may acquire a disability through an accident or illness, or may acquire a disability simply as a part of growing older. Despite the fact that disability is a natural part of life, people with disabilities have not always had access to equal opportunities. Not until 1975, with the passage of the Federal Education for All Handicapped Children Act (now known as the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act), did school-aged children with disabilities have a right to a free appropriate public education.


History of Florida's Exceptional Student Education Program

A Legislative History of Florida’s Exceptional Student Education Program

People First Language

“People First Language” (PFL) puts the person before the disability, and describes what a person has, not who a person is. 

Disability Etiquette 101

General etiquette, sensitivity to blindness and visual impairments, and interacting with people who have speech disabilities.  

2020 Florida Statute

Florida Statutes and Constitution 

Additional Disability Resources

General disability information, Florida and National resources, and Federal Legislation. 

Suggested Books for Children, Youth, and Families

There are many resources available from libraries and websites about individuals with
disabilities. This list is intended as a starting point for children, youth, families, and
others as they learn more about differing abilities.